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Articles by Alan Roberts

We are delighted to present the research of Alan Roberts,who now lives on the other side of the globe in Adelaide, Australia.  Alan wrote a major  comparative study of Appleby & Austrey 1550-1700 as a doctoral thesis back in the 1980s. He has generously contributed a series of articles based on his research, published here, and donated a collection of fascinating source material which is stored in the Heritage Centre at Sir John Moore Foundation and is available for consulation on request. (For contact details see the Sir John Moore Foundation web site.)

Many of Alan's articles are beautifully illustrated with maps by Doris Unger, a professional artist and a friend of Alan's in Australia. More recently Frey Micklethwait from Pumpenbil in NSW, Australia has added some drawings to A 16th Century Scandal


  1. A 16th Century Scandal
  2. Scandalous Wordes in an Appleby Alehouse
  3. Beginnings: Medieval Settlment & Marketing
  4. The Tudor Parish
  5. Village Families 1560-1700 - Surnames of Villagers
  6. Turbulent Times - Seventeenth Century Appleby
  7. Population Growth & Marketing in Early Modern Times*
  8. Villagers in Early Modern Times*
    A breakdown of the early modern village social order by social rank and status
  9. Open Fields and Enclosures
  10. The Depredations of the Civil War in Appleby
  11. The Village Blacksmith
  12. Community, Family and Kinship
    Includes Appendices of Wills and Inventories by Surname, 1500-1750
  13. Connections to Neighbouring Towns and Villages
  14. 18th Century Inventories
  15. Scandalous Neighbours
    Royalist Clergy of the south west during the Great Rebellion
  16. An Appleby Penitent

*Note: Early Modern Times refers to the period from the mid 16th century to the end of the 18th century (approximately 1550 to 1800)

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